TIL: Linux’s locate


Among all Linux’s command, I happen to use locate a lot, reason is because simply I forgot the file’s location all the time. Today I learned that some distro doesn’t come with locate by default, so this is what you do Simply install it by Shell sudo apt-get install mlocate 1 sudo apt-get install mlocate Remember, that is mlocate not locate, weird, I don’t know why. Then...

Books I’ve completed in 2016


As an polyphasic sleeper, basically I have a plenty of time to spend at night, and this year I spent a lot in movies and books, just finished my 85th books of this year. So at year end, instead of writing year end review, I would love to recap what I’ve read over the past year, as below 🙂 The list not exactly following whatever order or categorize, if you don’t mind. I’m back to...

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