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As an polyphasic sleeper, basically I have a plenty of time to spend at night, and this year I spent a lot in movies and books, just finished my 85th books of this year.

So at year end, instead of writing year end review, I would love to recap what I’ve read over the past year, as below 🙂

The list not exactly following whatever order or categorize, if you don’t mind.

I’m back to study Sociology/Psychology, there are few good book that (almost) everyone recommended, which is Cognitive Psychology and Its ImplicationsPsychotherapy Society and Politics from Theory to PracticeSocial Psychology The Science of Everyday LifeSociology in Our Times the Essentials, basically I borrowed a lot from these books. Not exactly R&D books works, Influence The Psychology of PersuasionSocial Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships and Social Physics How Good Ideas Spread are incredible good books, too. Immanuel Kant: Key Concepts sound like a must read as well. This year sound like I pickup very wrong book Abnormal Psychology, which is bit over my head, but still, interesting enough to keep me up to very last pages.

My second daughter, at age 2 her decided to stay at home rather than go to kindergarten, so, The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas is coming handy, she also develop highly complicated thought compare to her sister, so I re-read Theory of Mind How Children Understand Others’ Thoughts again. Curious Minds 40 Hands-on Activities is a great resources and fascinating experiment even for an adult, but finding material is relative challenging.

In other hand, my first kid not really into studying, not trying to push her but I’d like her to make thing effective, this way Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning really help, plus From Brain to Mind Using Neuroscience to Guide Change in Education gave me an idea how to help her find joy and freedom in her education. In a relative topic of teaching, I’ve read Black Box Thinking – Why Most People Never Learn from Their Mistakes, this book may even works with fictional-reader, author’s storytelling skill are incredible (Not relative at all but the same to author of When God Writes Your Love Story, incredible storytelling I say!)

I also had wrong impression about Thing Explainer – Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, my first thought it is an book for kid, but no doubt, this is very effective for adult, go grab it if you like to see the word in a simple way!

And because both girls stay at home a lot, so plenty of weekend projects happen, good book Make: Paper Inventions: Machines that Move, Drawings that Light Up, and Wearables and Structures You Can Cut, Fold, and Roll come along! (Seriously, they need to shorten the book title, you don’t find the book with title that long everyday)

On design/UX topic, I found Why Fonts Matter40 Emotional Design ElementsThe Sketchnote Handbook The Illustrated Guide To Visual Notetaking, and Design as Art is an actual real deal, especially Design as Art.

I liked Japan’s culture and Japanese, then it come Cool Japan Guide – Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen, the book good in both useful and funny way. Japanese Kanji and Kana help speedup my learning, together with Rosetta Stone, beside, this book put pretty much many small but fascinating detail, which makes it different, highly recommended.

In 2015, I’ve started one long run project which mainly focus is puzzle, in 2016 there are books actual help me with designing process which is 365 Games & Puzzles To Keep Your Mind SharpGeometric Puzzle Design and . The Uncanny Valley in Games and Animation not exactly book about puzzle design, but somehow it guided me how to evaluate  user feedback/respond with puzzling design, in visual perspective. Look up for ideas during creative process, I found 1,000 Steampunk Creations Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art and Creative Puzzles of the World is profound (unfortunately I’m not finished Creative Puzzles of the World yet). Then to sharpen the story-line, I lookup for help in Nail Your Story, can’t tell this is best book in it category or not, but very practical and useful, plus Digital Storytelling – A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment is has great value, too. In the meantime, to avoid future conflicting (if any) on IP, I’ve read Hollywood’s Copyright Wars, yo Fred Ott’s Sneeze is first film being copyrighted in US, do you know that? And so far Great City Maps also gave me some brilliant ideas on how to create a world the fictional but very close to reality.

On product design, I’ve read Hooked How to Build Habit-Forming ProductsEverydata The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every DayIntroduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (re-read actually, but this is 5th revised edition, oh god!), and therefore Understanding Statistics and Statistical Myths. Last but not least, Basics Interactive Design help me find and present exact thought on design during communicate with our artist.

When look up for material for a side project, I found 1000 Package Designs, this mini book makes me wonder why us living in a world with truly bored packaging, cost effective perhaps?

On autobiography and memoir books, I’ve read A Life in QuestionsBecoming Steve Jobs and Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, and Ho Chi Minh – A Life. And finally I found time to read You’re Never Weird on the Internet, wow a book, now I understand why Felicia have so many fanboy. And little book named The Nordic Theory of Everything eventually leave me big question on what is great society is.

Just for fun and being smart at party, I highly recommended 1000 Random Things, very short and easy to remember 😛

As a (lousy but not really practical) fan of simplicity, I found The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is magical, I’ve started follow this book’s instruction, and voila, all movies and musics backup goes to cloud, LOL.

On programming, this year actually I’m not read or learn anything new about programming at all, but let say Modern Systems Analysis and Design kept me up to date, beside, just to implement auto-generate story-line system, this book  Introduction to Modern Dynamics: Chaos, Networks, Space and Time driving me nuts.

Everything, Everything is perfectly good book, except it contain so many drawing lead me distracted so many time, really like the way they insert it in the book. The Selfish Gene is a book I don’t remember why I picked it up, still wonder if I get it so far.

On self-improvement/self-help, I’m totally agreed with The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, I teach my team The Lean Mindset: Ask the Right Questions, I study How Performance Management Is Killing Performance-and What to Do About It and The End of the Job Description Shifting From a Job-Focus To a Performance-Focus, try to questioning Riddles of Existence – A Guided Tour of Metaphysics, and drive my Yoga practice into more practical with Yoga: The Back Pain Cure; I also questioning myself with The Problems of Philosophy like a multiple personality person. There are book named Pivot The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, I highly recommended it for whom struggling with his career or whatever, but in the state of confusing don’t know what to do. Real Artists Have Day Jobs also dealing with similar issues, but more specific with Artist. Neverisms actually a real good motivation books, especially if you are sarcastic person. And when you down, I would love to throw F*ck Feelings into your face and make you read it every single words, worth it!

I made a mistake reading Think Like A Brand, actually I don’t need this book, but the book is good for freshman. And I read Fight to Win 20 Simple Techniques That Win Any Fight, looking for kickboxing class in 2017!

On fictional, the book I love the most could be The Bookshop on the Corner, I’d like to call it The Bookshop Parked on the Corner, if you’re book lover, you must have read it, really! The Girl on the Train book makes me rating movie somewhere around 4, book are always better. The Man Who Understood Women is like, a best generic womanize picture ever? There are classic book and movie with same name, so don’t be mixup. The Wrong Side of Goodbye, hmm, let me tell you this, there are 18-19 books about main character, and seem all them are worth to read. The Light of the Fireflies, don’t be fool by it title, this book disturbing me the most this year, don’t read if you like colorful story; go read Story of a Sociopath instead.Or good soap like It Was Only Ever You will fit. The Secret Keeper is a same manner, mystery and indeed good story, but very dark, then Everlost even go further with souls of kids… Perhaps Rebecca is relaxing enough, well, I feel like reading some sort of Rose (Titanic) like story. And if you like sci-fi, don’t miss The Core of the Sun, very worth reading; you don’t find a sci-fi novel that blended perfectionism society idea that nature elsewhere.

My Brilliant Friend, in Just One Year 2017 (I love this book), This is Our Story let write Something Beautiful.

Happy New Year 2017 and I look up for the world of The 100-Year Life Living and Working in an Age of Longevity! Wish you girl being The Girl With All the Gifts, become The Witches of New York if you like or probably travel With Just One Suitcase to City of Strangers, who know? Wish you guy live up like billionaire Zero K, don’t be like Dear Mr. M.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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