La La Land – Song grown man cry

La La Land, hot movie just pop up out of nowhere recently, everybody talking about that, everybody writing about that, have you seen it yet?
I goes to see the movie the other day, for movie enthusiast like me, in entire 120ish minutes, I wasn’t impressed.
I have to admit, I was got very disappointed on movie setting; this is one of the few movies that I watch without even seeing trailers, I was expected movie setting is somewhere 70-80s or even 60s, kinda tired of modern world already, and I was expect they bring the age of Jazz or Dance music back, whats trending music today? Pen Apple???? . That was bad first impression, however beautiful scenery and extra wide-range camera later on is indeed great – make me somehow forgive them – but still, at a good level, not a wow one.
The movie script, is full of cliché, like some mediocre writer just doing his semester homework in two days, I’m serious!
The two main characters, they’re young, ambitious, hidden talents, open dream, even being zealot, ok, who else is not like that? Cliché.
Emma Stone being extremely cute, doing hilarious facial expression with her (talkative) eyes and nose, come on! That her strength! Her clothes sooooo amazing, sooooo ton sur ton, bitch please, they have a creative team behind this, even fashion mogul backed this, why is not?
Ryan Gosling is charming, doing sing, dance, piano and shit, dude please, he is being himself! Whatever movie is, I always liked Ryan, top of my favorite actor.
The story basically write for them, Emma and Ryan just blend in, acting just like this is their own life. I’m actually truly liked this kind of movie because it is too simple to guess whats up, so far just relax and enjoy details.
They hating each other in first meet, then falling into other’s hidden charm and probably attractive to their dreams, so what? Cliché.
Her tried and fail, he do the same, event worst, well, sooooo typical, we all fail. Cliché.
He will rise from the ashes (like he said), they’ll eventually happily together, isn’t? Cliché.
He give up his dream for her, she wasn’t understood that, they fight. Cliché.
He did it wrong onetime, put his career above her, they split up. Cliché.
He tried his best keep thing moving, they eventually (some sort of) back together. Cliché.
Like I said, for almost entire movie, I’m not impressed, even though the movie was good, but not good at level I do expected. Which is bad.
But then, in last 3 minutes, the movie hit me like a truck.
After all, they meet again, she was happy, he was success, it should’ve end there. But the scene while he playing their favorite sheet, entire movie rewind, in a different way, in very different way, that when it hit me.
Do we all man chasing our dream, but in the end, most of them fading, changing and we’ve live in regret(ish), with full doubt that what if we act differently, our life would have been very different? Like Seb, he had Seb’s things, but her. And at that moment, he remind himself that she is what he want, not Seb’s thing. Suddenly Seb being every-man, we can see ourselves in him, living happy in the past, but (sometime) secretly wish if we can make it differently.
That moment hit me, makes me rethink and rewind entire movie in very different perspective; for me, La La Land is not movie where beauty scenery is, not a movie where fashion setting is, not even movie where music is; La La Land is sad song remind all us man that
Who knew Is this the start of something wonderful

Or one more dream that I cannot make true

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By namke

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